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Craig Pusey is a professional freelance photographer based just south of London in the county of Surrey in the UK. He specialises in commercial automotive, expedition and travel photography.

Craig's automotive photography work includes demanding long distance promotional expedition adventures, manufacturer's press releases, new vehicle press launches, working commercial vehicle features and classic and vintage vehicle press photography. He works for a variety of prestigious clients, in the main automotive manufacturers and publishers of feature magazines but also on commissions for private clients.

His travel work has spanned the globe, from the Americas to Asia, Europe to Africa. Consequently he has worked in all extremes of climate, be it the freezing conditions of a glacier in Argentina, the heat and humidity of a jungle in Malaysia or the wet and windy hills of the Scottish Highlands!

Craig's main strength is his ability to adapt and use every situation he is presented with to produce a great image. Most recently Craig's work with the charity ChildAid has taken him to some very challenging and often distressing environments but he is always happy to be a part of the process that can help to improve the lives of these unfortunate kids.